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92041 china clay tankers Wembley to Dollands Moor 6B37
china plastic parts for car manufacturer
Image by train_photos
DB Schenker class 92 number 92041 named "Vaughan Williams" painted in EWS two tone railfreight grey livery and a three ‘O’ shaped channel tunnel roundel logo working 6B37 hauling empty NACCO (North American Car Corporation) tankers from Wembley European Freight Operating Centre to Dollands Moor Sidings as part of their return journey to Antwerpen (Antwerp) Docks, Belgium from Irvine Scotland on 28 February 2014. For the route taken see ( 92041 traveled down to Wembley earlier in the day as 6M76 photographed at Northampton by Nigel Gould (…). Prior to this Brian Denton photogrphed these tankers filled with china clay slurry heading northwards towards Scotland on 26 February 2014 (…). Once the tankers arrive back at Antwerpen Docks they are reloaded with china clay slurry (kaolin) made from rocks rich in kaolinite, Al2Si2O5(OH)4, imported from Brazil. This slurry is transported to Irvine, Scotland by 6S94 where it is used by the Finnish company, UPM-Kymmene (United Paper Mills Ltd) Corporation’s at their Caledonian Paper Mill to produce lightweight coated paper for printing magazines, catalogues and brochures.

92041 was assembled by the BRUSH Traction Company Loughborough in 1996, from sub-contracted components e.g. Procor UK bodyshell, Asea Brown Boveri (ABB Rail) traction converters and GTO (Gate Turn-Off thyristor) controlled via the MICAS-S2 electronics system, retractable third rail collector shoes and pantographs made by Brecknell Willis, the engraved aluminium BRUSH traction works plates made by J M Ranger Limited of Leicester and cast aluminium based alloy Crew Depot plaque produced by David Newton of Nottingham. For track to train communications class 92s were fitted with the Siemens International Train Radio (ITR) "chameleon" system which could automatically change over to match local ground systems e.g. at international boarders and allowed the driver to select from a range of language settings. STS Signals Ltd supplied electronic Train Protection and Warning System (TPWS) control units for class 92s as an add on to the Automatic Warning System (AWS) equipment. STS Signals Ltd also developed a twin-lightweight AWS receiver for use on class 92s so that only one receiver was needed to detect both standard strength magnets on lines powered by AC overhead wires (Rx1) as well as the extra strength magnets used on DC third rail lines (Rx2). All non-metallic components of the class 92 were either certified for Eurotunnels fire regulations by the manufacturers or where suppliers could not provide this information products such as the divers seat (made by Chapman Seating Limited) and plastic push buttons were fire tested by BRUSH.