Automotive Mold Maker

As one of the leading automotive injection mold manufacturers in China, we specialize in the mold making and injection molding of plastic automobile parts, such as bumper, lamp, control panel, shock absorber, fan tray and grilles for worldwide auto makers.

Based on the years' OEM/ODM experience for after-sales market for big companies like Toyota, Honda, Volkswagen and Nissan, we can provide complete package of automotive mold solutions for customers with the high product quality and time-saving delivery.

Our factory owns a wide range of modern equipment for mold building, including high speed milling centers, 5 axis milling center, wire and sinker EDM machines, deep-hole drilling devices, CMM measuring machines and portable coordinate measuring tools.

Because of practical experience, advanced technology and good services, we are the best choice for companies that are looking for quality Chinese car mold supplier, which has precision machining equipment, strict quality control system and optimal injection mold design and manufacturing procedure.


Automotive Mould Making

Being a qualified plastic automotive mold China maker, we are capable of producing high quality injection molds of most vehicle interior and exterior parts, including fender protector, air spoiler, side trim, column cover, glove box, console box and cup holder, etc.

When a mold project starts, a meeting will be arranged by out product department to review customer's product design to check its reasonability and avoid potential injection molding troubles on follow-up production.

When mold design starts, our experienced mould designers will consider carefully any detail, like cooling system, air venting way and demolding method. Every design will be reviewed by most design engineers, project manager and production engineers to make sure it's a practicable and low-cost design.

A feasible Moldflow analysis is a must-have tool on any new mold design. Our certified engineers can successfully take advantage of the software to simulate injection molding which is very close to real production, which helps us to make sure every project will be successful to save plenty of time and costs.


Injection Moulding Service

As a professional plastic injection molding China company, we've been manufacturing and exporting various plastic automotive parts to lots of abroad customers for years, such as door slip, scratch rain, wheel cover, water tank, door trim, shroud and fan, etc.

We have complete production lines to cover all processes of plastic automotive parts, including product designing, mold design, tooling manufacturing, injection molding, product assembly, surface treatment, etc.

We own different kinds of injection moulding machines from 100 ton to 1500 ton, which could handle most injection production of automotive parts, no matter tiny electronic bolt or huge instrument panel. The car parts can be made from different materials, for example PP+EPDM, PC, ABS, POM, PMMA, EPDM+EPP, HDPE, PVC, PE and rubber, etc.

From basic plastic parts to main assembled components, from simple parts to complex products, our company is confident to make them at high quality, because we have high precision machines, experienced work team and efficient quality control system.


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To receive fast quote of injection molds or plastic molded parts, please email us 2D technical drawings in DWG or PDF format and 3D model drawings in IGES, STEP or X_T format.

If all requirements are clearly detailed, such as material, tolerance, quantity, lead time, package, heat and surface treatment, formal quotation will be ready in 24 hours.