Cheapest Bedding And Bath Ideas For The Newlywed Couple

Wow! Getting married. Wedding is the event that transforms your life forever. For this unforgettable event make plans before hand, so that everything turns out perfectly well. Let’s make this special day a memorable one too. There are so numerous things, which need your attention before this big day. We can at least make your choice of bedding and bath accessories undemanding. One of the main things that you would want to be right is your bedroom on this extremely occasion. Now you only sit back and see all the exotic designs to match your mood. You can have a huge range of branded bedding and bath to choose from. Or you can simply invent your own sense of style by asking the designer.

Well provide you a comprehensive, satisfactory detail of bedding and bath stuffs. We have all the brands you would like to glance before buying. Our inexpensive spectacular bedding and bath section have something for everyone. Ranging from lavishly luxurious lush silky sheets to cozy pure cotton everyday usage sheets, from classic royal gentle colors to sharp wanton shades and patterns and of course the antique lacy bed-sets, we can convert an ordinary room into a place you usually desire to live in with our extensive range of all kinds of bed and bath accessories along amazingly agreeable prices. Or infuse your home with the charm and elegance of satin and net. Bedding and bath decor is an art, we spend our best time here as we sleep to rejuvenate ourselves for next coming day. So your bedroom and bathroom should be very comfy and also a desirable place to spend your time in. You have to decide first what you are looking for?

Let us guess. Cotton bedding ( sets are most commonly used. They are easy to use and also inexpensive. But not today, not for this occasion, you would certainly want something out of azure to highlight your mood and put elegance or romance to your bedroom. Lets start with the comforter. This could prove the most expensive accessory of a bed, but this also is the most important one too. Be very careful before putting you hands on only any comforter that looks nice. First get the measurement of your bed as nowadays designers are making comforter in different sizes then the standard sizes. Do keep in mind the TPI or threads per inch. This thread counts above 250 broadly means a more soft and comfortable texture plus the fabric will also last long.

Another suggestion that can really change the look of your bedroom is to find a comforter having design on both sides. And the last but not really the least be sure that a down comforter is stitched so that the insulation material cannot move about extremely freely or shift. So now when you determined your best part of bed accessory. You can move to the most decorative part of bed. Yes, of course the bed sheet. On special occasions a bed sheet doesn’t remain a simple bed sheet it becomes The Bed Sheet. Do you want to spellbound your newly wed wife when she enters the threshold of your bedroom, then this is the time when you can do it. Have a bed sheet so elegant and soft that she fells in loves with your bedroom when she enters it first time.

You can go for distinct “Duchess Lace” elegant sheet or if its as well much of a design in it for you. Then you can think of satin or sheer silk bed sheet that will add elegance with a touch romance in your room. The people who use silk it becomes an addition for them, they wont use anything else for their bed sheet. So on this special occasion indulges you in silk. But if you are a trendsetter and dare to be different you can also think of beautiful floral or bright colored patterned sheets. Or if you don’t want to do it on your own and only need the branded stuff then you can close your eyes and get Marcus, Ralph Lauren, Damask bedding and bath accessories.

Now the last touch of splendor that will equip your bedroom with all the necessity and comfort you need. Blanket, you are right. A bedroom is incomplete without it. Cuddle in the lavishness of 100% pure cashmere and rest with the sweetest of dreams. Only when cashmere touches your skin will you know the meaning of complete luxury. Amazingly, this bedroom treasure is a versatile double-sided blanket, neatly trimmed with a silk edge. Add more spice with matching branded bath accessories. Or you can get the accessories of your choice and match or contrast it with your room. Add velvet towels or cotton towels with monograms, floral designs and embroidery. Don’t forget the brush and soap dish bar, rugs, shower curtains, showerheads, wastebaskets.

Bathroom accessories

Bathroom linen sets.

You can see famous Maker Supima Washcloth, Martex Egyptian or Avanti Maui embellished linen sets. You can also decorate your bath with creative bath linen sets. These sets are open in all sizes and colors, from basic one color to patterned or embroider multicolored sets best known for their softness and durability.

Bathroom furniture

Stylish Bathroom Storage will make your bath simple and clean. A stunning bathroom starts with elegant storage; you can use a smart storage as a start or transform your bathroom with wall cabinet, vanity set along with vanity stool. You can hang a classic royal style wall mirror to treat yourself royally. Depending on what you choose for your bath, you can have a table with mirror to save some room in bath. To organize the accessories you can use tower cabinet. And if you posses a king size bathroom, you probably would like to have separate furniture for everything like you may want a separate stand for towels. And by the way hand carved sinks are very much in. Or on the other hand for a little bath use a wall cabinet along with simple and stylish glass self that will actually serve the purpose.

Bathroom hardware

Its not just about the style but also confirms the durability of the basic requirements of your bath. This is the start from where all sophistication and matching takes place. It is the first step and you should get all the hardware accessories with utmost care as you are going to match or contrast your all other accessories with it. The towel stand, lights, bathtub or Jacuzzi, taps, towel holders and tissue holders are small pieces but all together they make a large difference. Don’t underestimate the effect of these small winy things.

Bathroom rugs

Hmmm does this seem easy to you, think again. This is where your innovations come in. The company designs the Bathroom hardware but now you have to either match or contrast your rugs with it. Still sounds simple, let me explain. The pattern and colors can play a trick on you, try to compliment your other accessories and don’t get too gaudy designs that can give a very complicated look and of course you dont want that. Then you have broad velvet, tiffany, spa bath rug, and nylon, cotton clothe well all sorts of bath rugs. So take some time to before making the purchase.


Now this is what we say the most important thing in bath. Well we are not negating emphasize on any other requirements of bath. But towels are what give you feedback. You must be wondering how? When your guests visit your washroom, towels catch their eye first. Doesn’t matter how far effort you have put in other accessories of bath. Towels are of main interest at least for the outsiders. Towels should be clean soft and I would say colorful, though it depends on your choice. And certainly you want to wrap yourself in sumptuousness. You can get an extensive range of towels branded with embroider monograms, cartoon towels. You can choose from big, thirsty, soft, thick, 100% cotton to lush, luxuriant, extra absorbent velvet or silky towels.


We all want to soothe ourselves while taking shower, now its actually possible with showerheads with different adjusters, having waterfall-like showerhead, rainfall, shower massage, and oxygenic, multi-setting showerheads. These different setting showerheads will refresh you can enjoy the nature in your bathroom. Then you can also adjust the showerheads or get a showerhead with flexible wire for your ease and enjoy your bath to the fullest.

Shower curtains

Now you can add class to shower curtains too. Besides the average shower curtains at this time you can have brand new style curtains that will give you a breath of freshness when you enter your bath. We all want to soothe ourselves while taking shower, now its possible. You’ll find such a wide-ranging collection of curtains that you can fantasize a shower curtain then start looking for it, trust me you’ll find it. You can also match it with your bedroom sets. You can also avail the distinct option of carved shower rim that gives a extremely innovative look. Then you can go for border, full design, floral, stripped, hook less, single panel, anti mould shower curtain. Your bath now can reflect your taste provided you keep everything in mind.


Wastebasket a must for every room but could look quite out if do not really suit the whole set-up. This small item can make fine impact to the surrounding. You can have different shaped baskets, round, square, diamond shaped basket. You can get cloth basket, marble, metal, wooden, plastic, glass basket. Then wastebaskets are available that have inner disposable bin you can change.

There are several things you can do with your bed and bath and make it look like one of a kind. Its not really very complicated though there are a number of things you can add or you have to consider while decorating. But the simple strategy is that can make your bath and bed alluring, keep it simple and neat. Less things will be much more prominent and eye catchy.

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