The Love Muscle

A few nice custom automotive mould images I found:

The Love Muscle
custom automotive mould
Image by Studio PCK
Concept for a modern, pro-touring style street custom van.
Sketch scanned and drawn in Illustrator as usual…
Vehicle is a ’72 Tradesman on a custom tube chassis with mid-mounted Viper V-10… Wheels are shoved outboard via widened quarters and fenders, top is chopped, body sectioned, doors lengthened, cargo door removed, wheel openings enlarged, vents added to roof for cooling and air intake… ‘Cuda tail lamps out back in molded panel….

Nomination 42 – Safety – Carbon Fiber Composite Roof Assembly
custom automotive mould
Image by spe.automotive
•OEM Make & Model: 2013MY Chrysler Group LLC SRT Viper® GTS supercar
•Tier Supplier/Processor: Plasan Carbon Composites
•Material Supplier / Toolmaker: Umeco plc/Cytec Industries (carbon fiber weave prepreg); Toray Carbon Fibers Americas, Inc. (unidirectional carbon fiber prepreg); Dow Automotive (structural adhesive) / Windsor Mold Group
•Material / Process: G83C T700S-24K carbon composite / Vacuum bag, autoclave cure
•Description: This carbon fiber composite roof assembly is a Class A part that is a key structural component of the vehicle. Layup orientation and thickness were custom tuned to meet various structural requirements of both part and vehicle. Complex layup of plies was enabled by a CAD-drive laser placement system, which directs the operator in positioning plies during layup of the prepreg kit. Structural rigidity was increased vs. aluminum or SMC while weight was significantly reduced.