Image from page 839 of “Automotive industries” (1899)

Image from page 839 of “Automotive industries” (1899)

A few nice automotive tooling made in china images I found:

Image from page 839 of “Automotive industries” (1899)
automotive tooling made in china
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Identifier: automotiveindust44phil
Title: Automotive industries
Year: 1899 (1890s)
Subjects: Automobiles Aeronautics
Publisher: Philadelphia [etc.] Chilton [etc.]
Contributing Library: Engineering – University of Toronto
Digitizing Sponsor: University of Toronto

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the spindles, are provided with specialmeans of lubrication, so they will not become flooded. In chucking the cylinder block, use is made of a clampwith double bearing, which simplifies the handling.Machining the top and bottom of the four-cylinder block,as shown in the illustration, is accomplished at the rateof 25 per hour, in regular operation, we are assured.The rate of production in milling the end surfaces of thecylinder block, as shown in the other cut, is 35 per hour. The advantages claimed for the method of cylindermachining here illustrated are that much floor space andmuch labor cost are saved. The machines are manufac-tured by the Newton Machine Tool Co. THE announcement is made by the Secretary of the(.British) Department of Scientific and IndustrialResearch that the Research Association for the Cast Ironand Allied Industries has been approved by the Depart-ment as complying with the conditions laid down in theGovernment scheme for the encouragement of industrialresearch.

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Facing top and bottom of engine block Facing ends of engine block April li, 1921 AUTOMOTIVE INDUSTRIES THE AUTOMOBILE 819 Exports of Automobiles and Tires for February, 1921 Azores and Made: Bulgaria Denmark … Finland France Iceland and Fa Italy Malta. Gozo, el Netherlands Spain SwitzerlandTurkey in Europe England ScotlandIreland Jamaica Trinidad and Tobago Other British West Indies Cuba Virgin Islands of United Slates Dutch West Indies French West Indies H. Dominican Republic British GuiDutch GuiiParaguay Aden China k* aniline British India Straits Settlements Other British East Indies . Dutch East Indies French Indo China Hongkong Other OceaniaPhilippine Islands Africa:Belgian KongoBritish West AfricaBritish South AfricaBritish East AfricaCanary Islands French Africa Kamerun. etc.MadagascarMorocco Total 622 11.072,696 1.864203,153 18.007I5!395 175,SOI : 046 18,588 17,400 0,95715,665118 (93 615 26.729 i i 289 26!575 24,1984.8877.7595,490 32,9102,200 19,9812,7007,0003,74432,51516,15

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