Recycling to Make a Distinction

The value of recycling materials today has grow to be a matter of great concern for all individuals. At present, a lot of folks and companies are locating ways to increase the habit of recycling. This is by coming up with tips and machines that can support this planet.

The value of recycling components today has turn out to be a matter of excellent concern for all people. Due to scientific study regarding the deterioration of the earth’s environment and the quick depleting of our natural resources, men and women all over the world are not operating on this worldwide predicament of saving our earth via recycling.

Moreover, utilizing these used components, it will not only lessen the consumption of our all-natural resources but it will undoubtedly assist our economy as nicely. At present, a lot of men and women and companies are obtaining approaches to boost the habit of recycling by coming up with tips and machines that can assist this globe. Apart from, if you have heard of the saying that “there is wealth in trash” or “your trash is an individual else’s treasure”, you will comprehend that there are nonetheless a lot of items you can do with those old bottles, papers plastics.

Beneath are invented machines for recycling.

Southeast Machinery Co., Ltd.

Particular person to Get in touch with: Ms. Rich Chen

Address: No. five-48, Hailiao Village, Anding Township, Tainan Hsien 74550, Taiwan

Phone Number: 886-six-5938640 (Taiwan)

Fax Quantity: 886-six-5935351 (Taiwan)

Plastic Waste Recycling Machines

Model No: SE/WR-100DC

1.Material: HD LD PP crusher film.
two. Output kg/hr: 150 – 250.
3. Drive motor: 60 hp.
4. Speed variety: two step.
five. Screw diameter (mm): 100 – 125.
six. L:D ratio: 34:1.
7.Vacuum device: five hp vacuum pump with water filter trough.
8.Temperature control: 9 zones.

1.Cutter: 3 pcs. sus #304.
two.Motor: 3 HP AC + inverter.
three. Screen alter: hydraulic (7 1/two HP).
4. Vertical dehydration unit: stainless steel made.
5. Motor: 5 HP AC + three HP pump.
6. Delivery unit: three HP blowers.
7. Cooling tank: stainless steel produced.
8. Capacity (kg): 300.
9. Force feeding hopper (HP): 5.
10.Floor dimensions (m): 11 x four x 3.

Song Ming Machinery Ind,Co., Ltd

Person to Get in touch with: Mr. Chih Wei Cheng

Address: No 5, Alley 15, Lane 182, Kung Yia Rd., Lung Ching Township, Taichung
County 434, Taiwan

Telephone Number: 886-4-26302112 (Taiwan)

Fax Number: 886-4-26398162 (Taiwan)

Waste Plastic Recycling Plants

1.Mode: Consists of the SM-150WPR, SM-100WPR, SM-90WPR, SM-120WPR.
2. Screw conveyor:
(1) It really is Energy: 3HP.
(2) its Size: 8’Φ x three.2m.
three.Main extruder:
(1) L/D ratio: 28:1, 28:1, 30:1, and 32:1.
(two) Major power: 30HP AC, 40HP AC, 60HP AC, 75HP AC.
(3) Temp. Manage: 5 zones, six zones, 7 zones, eight zones.
(four) Heating capacity: 25KW, 30KW, 40KW, 50KW.
(5) Hyd. energy of Die-exchange: 3HP, 3HP, 3HP, 3HP.
(six) Energy of enforcing hopper: 5HP, 5HP, 7.5HP, 7.5HP.
(7) Production capacity: 120-150 kg/hr, 150-180 kg/hr, 220-250 kg/hr, 280-350 kg/hr.

(1) L/D ratio: 1:eight, 1:eight, 1:eight, 1:8.
(2) Power: VS 15 HP, VS 15 HP, VS 25 HP, VS 30 HP.
(three) Heating capacity: 15KW, 20KW, 25KW, 28KW.

1.Cooling tunnel: size: 8′ x 1.2′ x 1′, 8′ x 1.2′ x 1′, 10′ x 1.2′ x 1.1′, 10′ x 1.2′ x 1.1′.
2.Pellet cutter: energy: 3HP, 3HP, 5HP, 7.5HP.
3. Blower: energy: 3HP, 3HP, 5HP, 7.5HP.
4. Storage barrel: capacity: 1200L, 1200L, 1200L, 1200L.

Pulian International Enterprise Co., Ltd.

Person to Get in touch with: Ms. Debby Lin

Address: No. 11, Lane 318, Chia Feng Rd., Tantzu Township, Taichung Hsien 427, Taiwan

Phone Quantity: 886-4-25362656 (Taiwan)

Fax Number: 886-four-25365174 (Taiwan)

Energy Crushing Machines
Model No: A-1250

Considered as the foundational equipment of the century, the Power crushing machine A-series is considered as a senior outstanding quality piece of machinery. With the most superb style, it has a wide assortment of models to select from. It is a fantastic cutting angel, replaceable blade, straightforward sieve adjustment and modify, as properly as it is really effortless to manage.

1.Power (HP): 75-125HP.
two. Inlet size: 1250x600MM.
three. Rotating diameter: 480MM.
4.R.P.M.: 560 rpm.
5. Rotary cutter: 15 pcs.
6. Stationary cutter: 2pcs.
7. Machine weight: 3100 kg.
8. Machine size: 2800x2200x2800mm.
9. Capacity: 1500-2500kg/hr.
ten.Contents: 150 kgs.

Shen Pao Machinery Ltd.

Person to Make contact with: Mr. Jung Bao Tsai

Address: No. 10, Lane 2, Sec. two, Shatian Rd., Dadu Township, Taichung County 432, Taiwan

Telephone Number: 886-4-26983232 (Taiwan)

Fax Quantity: 886-four-26980545 (Taiwan)

In-Line Automatic Recycling Granulators
Model No: SP-AB45

The In-Line Automatic Recycling Granulators is match to combine with vacuum forming contraption and consecutive preheating. This way, you will discover it easier to full an automatic function procession.

1.10HP inlet: 160 x 1160.
two.Orifice: 240 x 1160.
three. Placking: five x 7 ( 9 x 7 )pcs 2 x four pcs.
4. Size: 1750 x 1420 x 1550.
5.Weight: 1500kgs.

Kun Sheng Machine Co., Ltd.

Individual to Speak to: Mr. Chun-Yu Tsai

Address: No. 12, Lane 65, Long Guys Rd., Tien Chung Village, Lung Jing Township, Taichung Hsien 434, Taiwan

Phone Number: 886-four-26354383 (Taiwan)

Fax Number: 886-four-26354446 (Taiwan)

Automatic S/H Residual Material Granulating And Reclaiming Machines
Model No: KS-160B

1.Auto s/h residual material granulating.
2. Granulating energy: 2HP.
3. Fan blower: 2HP.
four. Entrance size: 200×160.
5. Machine size: 450x400x1210.
six. N.W. (kgs): 200.

1.Granulating energy: 2hp.
2.Fan blower: 2hp.
3. Entrance size (mm): 200 x 160.
four. No. of rotary cutter: 6.
5. No. of stationary cutter: 2.
six.Machine size (mm): 450 x 400 x 1210.
7.N.W. (kgs): 200.
eight. Rotating dia. (mm): 180.
9.Handling capacity (kgs/hr): 50-150.

Hangzhou Fangyuan Plastics Machinert Co., Ltd.

Particular person to Get in touch with: Mr. Ping Fang

Address: Xindeng Sector Improvement Area, Fuyang city, Hangzhou, Zhejiang 311404, China

Phone Quantity: 86-571-63252570 (China)

Fax Number: 86-571-63252364 (China)

Air Cooling Block Moulding Machines
Model No: PSB400/DF

1.This machine adapts to the touch screen and PLC for its automatic mould closing, mould opening, steaming, material feeding, temperature keeping, de-moulding, vacuum cooling, and ejecting.
2.This machine is known to be wielded from 1st-class profile steel. It also undergoes heat treatment to ensure the machine’s fantastic strength without acquiring deformed, and the odds of getting able to bear the high-density production’s expansion force.
three. Adapting a superior molding strategy, this machine is capable to manufacture blocks of low-density and higher-density. It can also make sure equivalent good quality of both the outside and inside of the block.
4.The machine’s mould cavity exterior is layered with Teflon, guarantying effortless de-mould along with the block’s fine finish.
five. Note:
(1) Electronic weighing scale and block conveying line is optional for this machine.
(two) It may possibly have a digital rotary coder in order for the adjustment of the mould size.

1.Mould cavity size: 4080 x 1240 x 630mm.
2. Block size: 4000 x 1200 x 600mm.
three. Steam:
(1) Entry: DN100.
(two) Consumption: 45 – 55kg/ cycle.
(three) Stress: .8mpa.
four.Compressed air:
(1) Entry: DN40.
(two) Consumption: 1.8 – 2m3/ cycle.
(three) Stress: .6mpa.
5. Drainage:
(1) Steam vent: ¢200m.
(2) Condensate: ¢100mm.
6. Throughput:
(1) 15kg/ m3, 18min/ cycle.
7. Connected load: 13kw.
eight. Overall dimension (L x W x H): 6040 x 2270 x 2250mm.
9. Weight: eight,500kg.
ten. Room height essential: six,000mm.

Godswill Paper Machinery Co., Ltd.

Particular person to Contact: Mr. Peter Wu

Address: No. 88, Shenjhou N. Rd., Shengang Township, Taichung Hsien 429, Taiwan

Phone Quantity: 886-4-25268912 (Taiwan)

Fax Number: 886-4-25278683 (Taiwan)

Automatic Baling Presses
Model No: GB-7575F

1.4-way free of charge-floating self-adjusting chamber automatically alters to the specific prerequisite of shifting materials.
two. The entire monitoring function and operation are regulated by the programmable logic controller.
three. Exclusive auto-tier method enhances bale tying speed. The structure is most favorable for less easy manageability and cleaning.
4. Trunnion-mounted primary cylinder with ball-finish provides much less torque on the cylinder rod, seals and packing ring for boost of machine’s life as well as significantly less maintenance.
5. Press ram assembly in steady, precise heavy-duty rollers and with basic replaces.
six. Passed the CE security measure identification.
7. Effortless installation with no particular foundations.