Mr. McClure’s 1/43 collection- and one of mine. Racing Cars: F1, Le Mans, Can-Am, WRC

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Mr. McClure’s 1/43 collection- and one of mine. Racing Cars: F1, Le Mans, Can-Am, WRC
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Image by wbaiv
Mmmm my kind of racing cars – Old F1 (mostly pre-WWII), 50s and later Le Mans, some Can Am, a WRC Lancia Stratos from the 1970s. This is the good stuff and if you look at the full size picture you can read the info tags on Kent’s models. The green one furthest away, #0, white wheels, is my own Mitsubishi "0" (nyuk nyuk nyuk) No such actual markings were ever carried by a WRC car, and many would find it in poor taste, I suppose. But I thought the classic IJN green over IJN light gray, black around the engine, and metallic blue-green inside would be fun. It used to be a mater of faith among the model building community that the interior of Imperial Japanese Navy planes was a transparent blue-green (Malachite green some said) primer/protectant. Turns out not to be true. Some original finishes aged and faded to look like that, but the factory interior paint was a grey green (surprise!), slightly different for Mitsubishi and Nakajima. Different Japanese Navy bases had different "light gray" standards, no surprise the manufacturers differed.
Anyway, my kit is a Heller injection molded plastic kit, Mr. McClure’s work classic cottage industry stuff- white metal or resin body and chassis, white metal, resin or turned aluminum wheels, perhaps some photoetch, vacuformed clear parts. NON trivial stuff. You can tell he’s good.

From the left, back to front:
Porsche 917-30K, Porsche 908-3, Porsche 934, Porsche 936, Courage, Rondinet or something like that, Porsche 935, Ferrari 330 P3 or P4, McLaren Mk 6, Mitsubishi

Second Row: Porsche 550, Porsche 917/69, Porsche 917/70, Porsche 917? Porsche 917LH/1971 (lang heck) FordGT-40 MkII or possibly Gulf Mirage, McLaren Mk 1, Lancia Stratos.

Third Row: Cistilla? Auto Union? F1, British F1, British F1, Ford GT-40, Porsche 962, not sure.

Fourth row 3 front engine F1s, and what mgith be a Cooper. Shelby Daytona Cobra, Ford P 3.0 (endurance racer with Cosworth DFV 3.0…)

Fifth row (one back from the front row) – Front engine F1- Alfa? (sign) abortive 4WD F1 car, Ferrari sports/racer, furthest right, red March Can Am car.

Front row: F1 car, Jaguar "D" type, Lotus 11 or 19 or something else very small and light. Ford GT-40