1989 Mercedes 190E Auto

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1989 Mercedes 190E Auto
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Image by charlie vehicles
Hunting rather forgotten, this Mercedes has been unlicensed because 2005, almost 10 years. It’s probably been sitting in this spot for a while, judging by the mould and common situation. I never see as well many Mercs with the badge on the grille anymore. I like the &quotno parking&quot writing behind, don’t feel any individual will be capable to take this space! Fascinating Northern Irish registration, or perhaps just a low-cost private?

The automobile details for PAZ 3152 are:

Date of Liability 12 04 2005
Date of Initial Registration 25 08 1989
Year of Manufacture 1989
Cylinder Capacity (cc) 1997cc
CO₂ Emissions Not Accessible
Fuel Sort PETROL
Export Marker N
Automobile Status Unlicensed
Automobile Colour BLACK
Vehicle Variety Approval Not Offered